02 July, 2013

Mozilla India Workweek 2013

The Task Force leaders of Mozilla India gathered last week(end) to sit together & brainstorm about the intra/inter-taskforce operations in our community, and thus to carve the foreseeable-future pathway of Mozilla India.

Event Page: https://reps.mozilla.org/e/work-week-india-2013/
Task Forces: https://wiki.mozilla.org/India/task_force

Responsible: Priyanka Nag
Accountable: Soumya Deb
Support: Event Task Force, ProTravels
Consulted: William Quiviger, Pierros Papadeas
Informed: Vineel Reddy Pindi

N.B: Event report preparation has been delegated to Documentation Task Force, starting with this event, and moving forward (allowing me to go nuts in my own blog post). Expect the complete report by the end of this week (which requires summarizing dozens of etherpads of the teams).