22 October, 2014

MozFest 2014: (almost) Live Blog

Oct 25, 1730: Finished co-facilitating session on Contribution Pathways. We had the entire audience broken down in 5 groups, rotating per 8 mins to each focus station (pathways, mentorship, governance, system & data, recognition). Sorry - no device policy - hence, no photos!

Oct 25, 1500: Lunch & catching up with communications. Codepo8 dropped by. Ohai! :D

Oct 25, 1045: Session on Community Diversity & Inclusion. It was great to facilitate with you, Beatrice, Rebecca, Alifiyah, Leo, Ibrahima et al.

Oct 25, 0900: At the venue, Gunner on the stage. Audience in that awesome MozFest formation.

Oct 24, 2300: Beer with the folks, and then a long walk beside Thames. We should go and sleep. BTW, great stories, Manel!

Oct 24, 2100: Reps' community dinner. I'M A CARNIVORE... AWE YEAH!!!

Oct 24, 1800: Science Fair is ON. It's my third time &I'm equally boggled just I was on my first time at MozFest. Some really cool folks with really cool ideas. Anyone who's not here, are missing it - know it or not.

Oct 24, 1600: Slides are done, check them out! WARNING: 80+MiB download - for huge images in them. I like how nice it came out to be!

Oct 24, 1300: Collaborating with Manel on creating the Mozilla Reps' presentation slides for the science fair booth. She's awesome, and she really hates copying code blocks (she types in everything all the way)... Kudos!

Briefing... shhh!

Oct 24, 1100: Bring it on Gunner (et al.)

Oct 24, 1000: At the venue, preparing for the briefing & kick-off.

Breakfast. Add poached eggs & bacons to it & you see the complete picture.

Oct 24, 0800: Waking up wasn't so difficult; 12:30 IST is a good time for me. Anyway!

Oct 23, 1830: Waiting for dinner. Trying to compensate hunger with energy drinks & beers; in alternating order. But at the edge of it. Let's hack on the schedule with Ioana till the food is ready.

Oct 23, 1700: Facilitators brifing. Gunner, rocking as always! \m/

Reps' weekly meeting... not even a fraction. :-|

Oct 23, 1600: Rep's weekly call, from MozSpace. An awesome gathering, with a lot going on.

Oct 23, 1500: Took a break, and went to walk around with Raj, Umesh & Priyanka. Ingressing, took selfies, shown Raj & Umesh around London Eye, Westminister Bridge, Big Ben, Trafalgar Square etc.

Oct 23, 1225: Time for Lunch. Was catching up with communications/emails.

Open Workspace of Mozilla UK Office... BTW, FOOOD! :D

Oct 23, 1030: Yay... Larissa, Emma et al. are already here! Let me grab a spot & open my laptop. I think I can update the blog posts, by the time Ioana gets a room for the Reps. Damn... forgot to bring the Power Adapter!

Oct 23, 1000: Heading out for Mozilla office, with Ioana, Christos, Guillermo, William R. It's a shorter walk than I had expected. Talked a lot about Mozillians and how it's shaping up now. Okay, we're here! Let me connect to Mozilla Guest.

Oct 23, 0900: Checked in at the Hotel. Managed to get the SIM working as well (there was a small gotcha with Dual SIM settings on my device). Ingress ahoy! As well as Telegram, Hangouts & Emails; they came in like wrecking balls... :-|

Oct 23, 0730: Folks had to get their Oyster cards, I had it from last time. Trains waiting at Tetrminal 4 station. Off we start for the city.

Oct 23, 0715: Met Alifiyah just after the immigration; so the team size is 5 now. Got Three SIM for data (it's one sim, from three.co.uk - so don't go bonkers!). What's awesome is I got it from a vending machine, with cash, no documents required. Put it in the mobile & you're good to go with all plans preset. In India, best networks take 4hours & quite some pieces of paperwork. Anyway, I'm wasting time with the SIM; something's not right. Let's head out to the Tube station downstairs.

Oct 23, 0700: Landed at Heathrow. Passed through the immigration. Immigration officer couldn't decide whether he likes or hates me showing the invitation letter from Mobile. Heathrow WiFi got awesome - no authentication, full open! Hi5 to whoever made the final call to go that way.

Well, excuse the blurriness; But at least we're all together!

Oct 23, 0130: Boarded the flight for Mumbai to Heathrow leg. Jai & Umesh beside me; Priyanka somewhere around the tail side of the flight. Will post the Airport selfies soon. We're about to take off! :D

Mozilla Festival 2013: The greatest maker-party of the world

This blog was drafted on the aircraft back home from MozFest, on 28th October, 2013. It's a shame that it's been lying in the drafts for a year now. Publishing almost as is, many intended details missing. I'm sorry! :(

To avoid it this year, I'm live blogging MozFest 2014. Cheers!

Flickr Slideshow: https://www.flickr.com/photos/debloper/sets/72157637170816103/show

0th Day

Had a tour around Westminister & Buckingham with Faye, Sayak, San James et al. Took heck load of pics, chased pigeons, saw royal processing, wandered around the green park. A morning well spent.

Next up was visiting the mozilla office; had mentors' call, debriefing about the festival. This is where the excitement begins.

1st Day

So, the maker party begins with the kick off of the science fair - some interesting pieces of work, some great inspiration. Met an 11yo guy, who's interested about stop motion animation, has his own YouTube channel & been up to it for 3 years... and that's just one example!

I shared my times in Firefox OS & Reps booth - explaining the folks about the Platform & the Program. Also, I took part in the maker party where I also attended the webmaker-booth, where I demo'ed X-Ray Goggles to @RaveGMM

2nd Day

Well, it wasn't all show & tell all the times... I did get some time to write C (variant) after a couple of years, to program a gaming-arduino. Check this out:
A video posted by Galaxy Kadiyala (@igalaxyk) on

<captain mode="obvious">This Shows M-O-Z-I-L-L-A in sequence...</captain>

Thanks Galaxy to record this bit... later, I also upgraded it to take user-inputs to move forward/backward flashing the characters. I need to buy this shit! Really cool :D

Spent some time making badges... later those badges were digitized & sent to me (yay!)

Off we go, and until next year!

13 October, 2014

Reorganizing, reprioritizing, reciprocating responsibilities

Note to self: Cut it to the chase.

I've been a quite unorganized (which is gradually increasing) for last one year - followed by me stepping down from Mozilla Reps' Council & by now, I've completely overwhelmed myself.

Being unorganized was experimentally self induced; in order to suppress my OCPD. It helped keep my traits of the disorder in check (quite successfully by now). However, it came at a cost, I need to repay.

I am swamped with things I need to do. I have 50+ actionable tabs open in 5 tab groups. I have 70+ bugs pending actions. I have 100+ direct mails to get back to (a couple of thousands on lists). I have 5+ budget requests yet to be made (10+ unresolved backlog). I have 3 blogs drafted & 10+ blogs semi drafted awaiting to be published. Skipping the enormous number of yak-shaving aside or in parallel.

...and all these backlogs are only for Mozilla. Which would be (realistically) 33.333% of _all_ the things I need to get done.

Today, I'm projecting & estimating a time line to get all the stickies to DONE list ASAP. It will be done in two phases.
  1. First phase (urgent & dire): by end of October.
  2. Second phase (urgent & vital): by end of November.
I've strategized how do I go on about it most effectively. I've identified the tasks & assigned them times (skipping them here). It took me 2hrs to get everything in order (with little more than moderate effort and ambition), so I'm quite hopeful for the execution phases.

The reorganizing, reprioritizing, reciprocating of responsibilities part grossly doesn't need external input for execution, so skipping the lower level plans. My sticky-wall is more than enough for that. There are only two things, on which I need help from you (yes, YOU).


Help me have the most effective communication with you all. Here's how:
  • I'll be available everyday from 21:00IST (15:30UTC) to 24:00IST (18:30UTC) to talk about all things Mozilla. If you need information, mentoring, my attention, input etc.
  • If you ping me up on various channels throughout the day - that's okay - keep it brief & to the point. I'll get back to you in the evening at aforementioned time.
  • Anything urgent and needs immediate response: call me up (latency 1min).
  • Anything important but not very urgent: ping me on Hangouts or Telegram (latency 20-30mins).
  • Anything informative but not time-critical: ping me on Facebook messenger (latency 3-4hrs).
  • Anything that requires a discussion & can be public: Use my scrollback room (checked once daily after 24:00IST (at zero hour, that is)).
  • If at any point I'd rather prefer an email, I'll initiate or, ask you to send one.
  • If you've sent email and adding more information on the same topic - please continue in the same thread. Do not spawn new threads for no reasons.


If I'm working with you & you're awaiting my response and/or input on something, please consider reminding me once. I'm generally going through my queue from bottom up.

Also, here's to briefly touch on the topic of priorities. I'm getting my hands off of some interest groups & refocusing some other ones. Generally speaking, I'll be delegating most of my responsibilities, split up in bundles, to the capable next in the line awesome Mozillians.

I'll not be very involved with Firefox for Desktop or Mobile. I'll be available (only on demand basis) for Firefox OS related projects, programs & evangelism planning & strategies in India. I'll be mostly involved with community building around Mozilla's experimental technologies (Rust, Servo, asm.js) & some of the upcoming cloud services.

Another blog post will follow detailing this part.

If you're seeking my help/input for something - please reconsider the previous paragraphs and figure whether it aligns with my focus; if not, I'll probably find you (or, redirect to) someone who can help you.

So, wrapping up. Tomorrow (in 6hrs, that is) there's a team outing at Red Hat - they'll know I woke up too late to catch the bus. I'll have to close all the the bugmails & at least give Nukebot a good fight the entire day tomorrow.


02 October, 2014

Bustling about and thinking aloud

Two of the Socratic paradoxes say:
  • No one does something wrong willingly or knowingly.
  • No one desires (to be) evil.
More one thinks about it, more obvious it becomes how true these statements are.

Everyone - invariably what (s)he does - has justification behind their those actions, and trusts that to be the best course of action in good faith (in fact, one gets into trauma, if the brain fails to justify their actions).

But we do make mistakes.

Lack of data/information/knowledge, lack of expertise, lack of maturity, lack of empathy, lack of responsibility, lack of thought process the action demands, lack of a constructive mood, lack of security, lack of foresight... and for the lack of more affecting parameters on hand, I'll just let the list end here.

Having a setup of zero tolerance to mistakes circumvents achievement & innovation. Having a setup of very high tolerance of mistakes ends up becoming counter-productive. Balance is to identify mistakes & revive ASAP.


So that this post doesn't turn out to be too abstract & decipherable - I'm talking about some of the recent adversities (from mild faux pas to catastrophic calamity) which took place in Mozilla's regional & global community as direct or indirect side effects of some of my recent actions.

Vividly, I've hurt too many people in order to send my message across; and I'm sorry for that.

Also, it's always a must to put the responsibility where it belongs. I am responsible for all the things that I do, and nobody else is. It'd be quite wrong to misplace the responsibility, even if for escalating severity. Hence, I'm sorry to all the folks who were, quite inappropriately, held accountable and answerable for my mistakes.

I am quite confident to communicate my thoughts effectively; less often so, nicely. This is a skill, I think, I should no more ignore.

I could've been quick to resolve the agitation when it started brewing; just say, "I was wrong" and be done with it. But you'd know, and I'd know, that I'd have been deceptive there.

I was an opinionated, arrogant, jackass without a doubt (and I should've avoided being one), but whether I was wrong, is still worth a debate.

Funny thing is, when you're arrogant, you don't even need to be wrong. Also, one more thing that I've realized, you don't always have to be right. Sometimes it's okay not to be right or wrong. Sometimes, it's actually better not to have an opinion at all.


There's a restaurant next to my place. Sometimes last week, when I was having a coffee there - we were terribly annoyed by the meowing of a kitten that had fallen into the drain in front of the shop. It's half submerged into the filthy black water, so that it can't jump out of it, and is crying & walking this end to that end.

Finally when a kid (presumably a child labor of some nearby shop) rescued it - we sighed that (our & that kitten's) misery was over... but he received a lot of being-shouted-at as recognition & left the place with an awkward smile before the rewards gets physical.

Because, the place in front of the restaurant got dirty with kitten footprints & sludge.

I wasn't the guy to get the kitten off of the drain, I wasn't the one to show the kid a thumbs up to appreciate what he did, I wasn't even the one to ask the shop-owner-dude to shut up.

In fact, nobody did.

And I justified my action this way: one, the coffee was good; two, I wasn't willing to take a shower that time; and three, the shop owner wouldn't have appreciated me as much as a customer, if I had done either of those aforementioned things.

So that's that - and, no traumas for me!