15 November, 2013

Mozilla India Blog is open-to-all

TL;DR: Now, anyone can register & post on Mozilla India Blog.

Let me be straight here: It's nothing new. It has always been there - but general feedback from the community implies, it isn't always obvious to get... Okay, point taken.


From the very moment of configuring the Mozilla India blog, the new user registrations was set open (OFF, by default) - so that the community members can contribute to it.

The default WP configuration puts the SignUp/LogIn links at the bottom of the sidebar - which may be difficult to notice. Although, if someone searched, would've found it - we needed to make it more vivid to the community, that it's not a obfuscated fine-text sitting there just because it has to. We had to make it more prominent, that if community members have a good point to share & need to have their voices heard - they can use this platform. After all, that's what it's for - right?

So, there you go... The BIG. BLUE. BUTTONS (ahem!) on an unobstructive, yet accessible, corner of the blog at your service. You just CAN'T miss it now... can you?

If you want a relevant post to be published on Mozilla India Blog, then follow these steps:
  1. Log in (or, Sign up)
  2. Draft a post, that you need to have published
  3. Wait for the WP-admins to review & publish it
Upon signing up, one directly gets a "contributor" role (WP-default is just subscriber). General contributors don't have publish rights - to avoid spams - but can make as many drafts, as they want to.

This is all that is in the technical part; I leave the SoP, criteria, relevance, reviewing etc. upto the Engagement Task force to decide & handle.