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Mozilla Location Service in Community India, 2015

This week marks 1 year of radicalparticipation in Mozilla India towards MLS contributions.
We've started and sustained activities to make India more and more visible on the Mozilla Location Service's map & now it's one of the brightest region for MLS, globally (especially Kerala - you guys deserve cookies... and nutella... and more battery packs).

Hey Mozilla India, Let's Talk This Out

Hey Mozilla India,

Last one year has been hectic. We all know, it has been. But it was worth it.

We've been busy doing things. We've been busy scaling up. May it be the first true 10x participation, may it be the first community launch of Firefox OS, may it be the first Firefox OS bus to reach out to the length & breadth of this big country, may it be the only place where the MozCamp was hosted in 2014, or may it be becoming the largest regional Mozilla community globally (or any FOSS community, for that matter). We've been executing at a scale that magnificently surpasses all the things we've done in previous years. And we did good!

BUT, we've somehow forgotten to take care of the community itself. The community grew that large for what all we did in previous years, what we planned for it previously. But in last year, we've given much less attention to the growth and health of the community. The garden of Roses was so beautifully flourished, we were busy awi…

Revamping GlusterFS website for expanded participation

I'm getting my feet wet with GlusterFS community. If you haven't heard of it yet, it's a distributed cloud file system by Red Hat. It's an open-source project with many goodness within, which empower Red Hat Storage (RHS) server.
I was asked to look into the project site & make suggestions on how can we make it better. Better is a subjective term; it depends on the end goal and how far the plan can achieve it. I've set myself a goal & the goal is to radically increase participation in Gluster project.
There are several parts to act on this, and all those will be communicated with in apt channels. This post, however, focuses on renovating the website as the public face & funnel to drive participation & contributions.

Expanding Mozilla Reps program for leadership development

Continuing Reps' track discussion from the Mozilla Portland Workweek, one key topic that we schemed through & pinned to come back later, was to: Use The Mozilla Reps Program for Regional Leadership Development.

Mitchell & Mark is highly interested and enthusiastic about autonomous & self-correcting local/regional leadership setups. A structure* that is highly distributed, interconnected, inclusive, autonomous, propagating and meritocratic in form.

* This is my understanding, listening to various discussions & keynotes. In case this is misinterpreted - please do correct me.

UPDATE: while I was at it, working on this blog for last 3 days (2G Internet, go figure :P), Rosana has already shared her thoughts on Reps' blog (crazy-weird, even the titles sound the same :D). You may choose to read that first to get the sense of where is it going.

Following is my take on how can it be planned and implemented.
Why ReMo? Obvious first question comes, why Reps program to integ…

Afterthought of Mozilla Portland Coincidental Workweek

Last week, I cleared up all my schedules and went on to attend the Mozilla Coincidental Workweek in Portland; a massive ensemble of a thousand Mozilla staffs and a hundred Mozilla volunteers.

I had minimal clue of the schedule, as it was a constantly reforming piece of work, but mostly an overall idea of which teams I'm gonna spend time with, and for what purpose.

Current State of Mozilla Frankly speaking - Mozilla - internally and externally, is under lots of eyes. May it be regarding the switching of search provider partner, unrelated advocacy stance or some significant people leaving. The poster child of successful FLOSS projects globally apparently seemed to struggle on its own.

But to me, personally, much of that understanding has changed, watching & listening to the vibe closely over this week. What it seems to me now - Mozilla is a ship with the same good-ol' navigation instruments, but with some seemingly incompatible new-age propellers, installed in a haste.

Not v…

MozFest 2014: (almost) Live Blog

Oct 25, 1730: Finished co-facilitating session on Contribution Pathways. We had the entire audience broken down in 5 groups, rotating per 8 mins to each focus station (pathways, mentorship, governance, system & data, recognition). Sorry - no device policy - hence, no photos!

Oct 25, 1500: Lunch & catching up with communications. Codepo8 dropped by. Ohai! :D

Oct 25, 1045: Session on Community Diversity & Inclusion. It was great to facilitate with you, Beatrice, Rebecca, Alifiyah, Leo, Ibrahima et al.

Oct 25, 0900: At the venue, Gunner on the stage. Audience in that awesome MozFest formation.

Oct 24, 2300: Beer with the folks, and then a long walk beside Thames. We should go and sleep. BTW, great stories, Manel!

Oct 24, 2100: Reps' community dinner. I'M A CARNIVORE... AWE YEAH!!!

Oct 24, 1800: Science Fair is ON. It's my third time &I'm equally boggled just I was on my first time at MozFest. Some really cool folks with really cool ideas. Anyone who's not he…

Mozilla Festival 2013: The greatest maker-party of the world

This blog was drafted on the aircraft back home from MozFest, on 28th October, 2013. It's a shame that it's been lying in the drafts for a year now. Publishing almost as is, many intended details missing. I'm sorry! :(

To avoid it this year, I'm live blogging MozFest 2014. Cheers!

Flickr Slideshow:

0th Day Had a tour around Westminister & Buckingham with Faye, Sayak, San James et al. Took heck load of pics, chased pigeons, saw royal processing, wandered around the green park. A morning well spent.

Next up was visiting the mozilla office; had mentors' call, debriefing about the festival. This is where the excitement begins.

1st Day So, the maker party begins with the kick off of the science fair - some interesting pieces of work, some great inspiration. Met an 11yo guy, who's interested about stop motion animation, has his own YouTube channel & been up to it for 3 years... and that's …