19 April, 2013

MozCamp Asia 2012

Albeit two entirely different kind of events, for me, the MozFest and MozCamp 2012 were more like a two-lap circuit, with a couple of hours' pitstop at my work-town.

But still, I think each of the event needs a separate post, because they are quite of a context switch, and difficult to narrate on same pitch. So, my MozFest post went on ahead, and here's the post about the MozCamp 2012.

Oh, bytheway - here's the not-so-organized Flickr set for the impatients: http://www.flickr.com/photos/im-phreak/sets/72157633063798684/

14 April, 2013

MozFest 2012

Claimed to be the largest Mozilla hosted event, Mozilla Festival is the place for creative-developers to share & show-off. With that being said, I've had the pleasure to attain MozFest 2012 at London, last November - allow me to share the joy!

Looking back, the entire event has so many tales to tell - but, as most of them are best told over a coffee - I won't take you through all the trivial details here - rather, let's just get down with the facts: