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30 September, 2009

Trying Out SUSE Studio - The Online Linux-Distro Customization Portal

I already had this in mind to try out the SUSE Studio from the very 1st day I came to know about it's release news, but As I'm getting older, I'm getting lazy and "bloated" as well... so, after that much delay - finally today is a good day to start.

The setup is simple to start up with. Just head over to SUSE Studio Homepage, you will be greeted with a friendly robo-waiter with brief feature list & example/demo links in it.

If you are willing to hit straight ahead - click on "Create account / Sign in" link (as you've already figured that out |;)||:P|) & then (as you are a 1st time user) go down to "Still Need an Account" section & fill in the email field with the ID in which you want your invitation to join SUSE Studio, pretty Simple eh!
Now now, If you want your Invitation to be a little runny & faster, you may like to fill up the SUSE Studio's (kind of) user response/feedback form. Its Optional but HIGHLY RECOMEMDED - even by me.

Now, move on to your mail box & wait for the invitation mail with enough food to feed you for 7 days or so... & when you finally get the mail, you know what to do - click on the link. You will be taken to the log-in page again & here you can login with the provided login method supports - my personal favorite being the OpenID support (as I used this blog account for myself). So if you own a blogger account - use it as OpenID (something like - You may also use OpenID from other providers if you have any of these already.

Here you are on a "create appliance page" that askes you for choosing a template OS structure - it's all your choice (I used OpenSUSE 11.1 KDE Desktop 32bit Linux) & also don't forget to baptize your junior |=))|.

So, No more hassle, your are straight at your control panel. For advanced users, trying out is the best policy. Don't get confused to try something anything is revertible.

I'll probably come up with a detailed Step-by-Step Guide for this building method for low-on-experience players, till then... toodles!!!

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