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28 January, 2011

Privacy Icons : Plead

Here we are, to cry to momma W3C. Yeah, I know it's kinda too late to make another HTML5 proposition like this - but I'd hate to see a <privacy /> tag in HTML v5. i.e. as a minor update to it. The world(-wide-web) is changing; it's significantly different from the perception of someone's online presence even what it used to be just 3-years before. I will pretend not to be cynic about it, not from any side; rather, it's a big leap forward and an integrated effect of web2.0. And online-privacy is a very large issue and a huge part of it to consider about. True that we can always skip it for later, but isn't it too late already?

All I mean to say is that, if a privacy-tag is implemented to be used by the sites, the entire process of enforcing better privacy practice becomes hell lot easier. I don't say it'll reduce people mal-practicing with user data, but in case they would, it'll be easier to detect those spots (how? Well, when there's a will, there's a way!).

The <privacy leaktype="hexval" persistence="timespan" exposure="scope" /> can also very well be a sub-tag of <footer> tag - or, I'd better leave that decision for the experts to handle. I kept mentioning that there was a plan behind the hex-values of the parameters; they are actually designed to be used as the values/properties of privacy-tag's attributes (if it gets included into the next HTML specification - and the 'next' is version 5).

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