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28 January, 2011

Privacy Icons : Preparation

Only two of the four shell-leaks we have put, are widely discussed and are supposed to cause pain in our - erm... forehead, namingly the #2(partner/barter) and #4(feds/govt.). But the other two, albeit not too many of us cared about it, but are also equally concerning. It's not necessary to have only one leak though; sites are most likely to (and will) have multiple leaks or all at once (may very well have none, too). The design that we have made up can very well handle (any of) these kind of situations - visually at least. But, is that all? No.

Let again take a look at the numbering-scheme of the leaks - they are all in powers of 2 (2^[0-3]). Thus, no matter how you make combinations taking any of them - the sum of the combination-indexes can be represented as a single hexadecimal digit (ranging from 2^0-1=0x0 i.e. no-leak to 2^4-1=0xF i.e all-leaks). Hence, it's effectively similar to the octal notation of file-system-permissions to determine the type of leak-combinations from that one digit, but in our case the parameters being four, we have to go for hex. It may seem trivial, but it's actually planned to be like this (and the conspiracy behind it is to make it easy to implement digitally - so that the software read/write them efficiently).

Not only the shell, you can now see all other parameters can also be put onto the logic table - only difference being, they are mutually exclusive. So, it's easy enough to code-the-icons the way you want it - if you have the svg/png piclets(wow!) of the icon. Ask me why this was necessary... cause I've got to tell you that next.

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