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24 June, 2012

Mozilla Summer Code Party 2012 - Pune

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__________ Mozilla Summer Code Party - SICSR, Pune: 23rd June, 2012
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Pune is presently the city with the highest number of Mozilla Reps in India. We've previously tried a few small get togethers, like MozCafe etc. But our reps wanted to take the challenge of doing something more outreaching to the masses, and in this mood of summer vacations what's better than a Code Party for students?

So, our rep Sayak proposed a local event promoting Mozilla Summer Code Party to the community, and it was planned to be held on this Saturday, 23rd June, 2012 at the (unofficially default FOSS event space in Pune) SICSR Campus.

We have had a planning meet-up in the previous week to chalk-out the event, scheduling & sharing the topics for talks and workshops etc. So, the event started smoothly with Sayak introducing the audience to the Mozilla Summer Code Party, and then the Mozilla Story followed by Ankit Gadgil. Faisal gave the audience a pro-tip session, called "How to use Firefox like a Boss!". Then there was my session, a talk on "How Websites Work" — a very basic overview of DNS, protocols, domain/subdomains, anatomy of a URL, how data/mails get sent etc. Rajesh Ranjan & Aman Alam talked about how does Mozilla localization (l10n) work, how to start a new language project for translation & how to get involved in the l10n project. The last session of the first half was taken by Kinshuk Sunil on "FOSS & its Relevance to Students" — presented so charmingly, that the audience almost forgot they had to have the lunch!

After the lunch break, Sayak started with the webmaker workshop on Mozilla Thimble. Although there was 1-2 professionals, most of the were seemingly novice in webmaking — but, by the end of the session when they completed their hacking on the Thimble projects, it was prominent that the session was a success! Some of the works are featured in the Etherpad - please do follow. Next up, my sessions on "Basic Web-Technologies" & "Open Web Apps & B2G". Tried to cover from the mostly heard buzzwords to seemingly unheards important terms of teh interwebz, cross-platform mobile app development, tools: pros & cons, Mozilla B2G: customizability, open web-app support etc.

Note to self: It is OK to give talks, presentations without slide-decks, walking among the audience; but do have a list of topics planned out to avoid getting into too much unnecessary details and sometimes missing some points altogether.

We wrapped up the event talking about Mozilla Reps & Student Reps program, how to contribute, the different fields of contributions etc. We distributed some stickers, buttons etc. goodies and bade goodbyes to the participants, with a promise of more such events in future.

Thanks Sayak, Faisal, Ankit for organizing such a great event. Not only it was a complete event till the very end, but also the (unplanned, yet) awesome after-party with Momo & Juice — it'd be a crime not to mention about that. Looking ahead for more to come!

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