02 July, 2013

Mozilla India Workweek 2013

The Task Force leaders of Mozilla India gathered last week(end) to sit together & brainstorm about the intra/inter-taskforce operations in our community, and thus to carve the foreseeable-future pathway of Mozilla India.

Event Page: https://reps.mozilla.org/e/work-week-india-2013/
Task Forces: https://wiki.mozilla.org/India/task_force

Responsible: Priyanka Nag
Accountable: Soumya Deb
Support: Event Task Force, ProTravels
Consulted: William Quiviger, Pierros Papadeas
Informed: Vineel Reddy Pindi

N.B: Event report preparation has been delegated to Documentation Task Force, starting with this event, and moving forward (allowing me to go nuts in my own blog post). Expect the complete report by the end of this week (which requires summarizing dozens of etherpads of the teams).

Team Reformations

  • Technical Task Force
    • Owner: Me
    • Yati Sagade, Sayak Sarkar added to Mentors
    • Abhishek Nagar, Nagarjuna Verma retired for inactivity
  • Engagement Task Force
    • Owner: Vineel
    • Events Mentors: Galaxy Kadiyala & Ankit Gadgil
    • Social Media Mentor: Krishna Kumar Deep
    • Design (now under Engagement) Mentor: Me (make-shift)
  • Webmaker Task Force
    •  Stays as is, some additions to the team
  • Localization Task Force
    •  Stays as is
  • Documentation Task Force
    • New Owner: Priyanka Nag
    • Mentor: Ankit Gadgil
  • SuMo Task Force
    • Minor Changes
  • WoMoz Task Force
    • I suggest Sara Khan to join the Mentorship

New Mozilla India Portal

Mozilla India website is being revamped (thanks, Yati!), and the staging site was demo'd. It's a fork of Mozilla Bedrock, running on Nginx + Gunicorn (which is fairly more sophisticated than recommended Apache + WSGI configuration).

Apart from the home-page, there has been plans for deploying many new apps/services - from etherpad(lite), mediawiki, to our own bugzilla (and more!).

Task Management Tool

Like all other local communities, we also faced the challenge to manage tasks among ourselves & settling for something that makes most sense.

After considering many well-known and offbeat tools/apps - we took the fuckitol pill & settled for Bugzilla.

Developer Onboarding

Core developers (sawrubh, sankha93) of the Technical Task Force are on the way to figure out the barriers newcoming developers are facing - and will be conducting a series of Surveys on it to gather relevant data.

Apparently, the number of first-trial-failures with setting up developer/build environment is the leading cause of developer-dropouts.

RASCI Implementation

I've been trying to implement the RASCI model to deal with the exponential up-scaling of the community since the beginning of this year. As it happens, there are a lot of enthusiasm in the community, but there's a clear lack of organized execution of plans, and re-discovering workarounds to same challenges over and over.

Finally, with this event - RASCI has been introduced & accepted. Primarily focused for event management, this can also help the Task Forces' owners/mentors to distribute responsibilities among themselves.

For all the activities, default Consulted person will be Me, and the default Informed person will be Vineel. It can change, on case-by-case basis.

Promoting Localization

It has been decided to give download-links to a dozen-plus Indic language Firefox builds right from the Community Website, promoting & increasing the localized Firefox userbase. Also, more active L10N engagements in the events are planned.

[Skipping many other relatively low-impact points/action-items - event-report will have 'em all]

Having Fun (Awe, Yeah!)

Apparently, this is the primary target-metric of any event. Leaving out all the night-outs, beach-strolling, leg-pulling, story-sharing, on-request YouTube video screening etc. - even the most G-Rated fun we had with our newly prepared Mascot (Foxy) will get you off your feet...

Also, the attendees were awarded one of a kind event badge - how cool is that? \m/

...yes, yes - lo, and despair! :P

Wrapping Up

By the end of the day you'll find that the stuffs like - two members' last minute cancellations, flight delays, logistical race-conditions, me not sending welcome mail on the arrival day, hangover-driven flight-missing etc. will happen. I'm learning to live with the fact that perfection is highly-unlikely when dealing with humans - and that's okay.

Special Note

STOP/avoid mailbombing me, asking to add your name to the Task Forces.

Well, thanks for the notion implying me as the benevolent dictator, whose lone evaluation is enough to get one added to any team - which is cute and all - but, that's not what it is.

Contribute and stay active. If you can make it, then you will.

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