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05 September, 2013

Stepping down from ReMo Council

Yes, you heard it right.

No, there's no sad story behind it.

Also, the decision is not made in a hurry. In fact, I've been trying to figure out my purpose & impact as a council member the moment I took up the duty — and soon after, I came to the conclusion that it's not really my thing.

Being in the Council empowered me as a Rep & I'm glad to have helped in the Mozilla community activities globally, and especially in South Asia. So, there are lots of reason why not to, but there are a couple of reason for me to retire; and here's why:


I can be more effective at my other parts of Mozilla contributions (mainly around Developer Community Building in South Asia), if I step out from some of all those things I'm involved with. There will be another blog, listing them down & delegating responsibilities accordingly, where applies.


Being in the council means dedicating a huge amount of time reviewing/approving budgets - a continuous inbound flux of not-so-interesting task which never ends. I could make a better use of that time, doing the things I'll enjoy more.


There has been a distinct increase of social-media traffic after me getting into the council — most of which are related to pinging me for bugs to get processed (worse, the wrapper small-talks) — so, can't be sure if people started to love me all of a sudden... but, I could live without that. :P


I lack the compassion to listen to others' problems, I avoid teamworks, I am quite heretic & I break rules to get things done my way. I don't qualify myself as a Council-material at all.

So, with that — although I'm staying a Mozilla Rep in my region & will be a Mentor to the Coding, Designing & Evangelizing reps in South Asia — I'm stepping down from my seat in Council & seizing myself off of all the Council duties on 30th September, 2013 (it will be 5 moths earlier than my official term completion).

The ReMo Council had been notified about my decision as of early August; and my replacement in the council will be worked out by the next council election.

If you have questions/comments around this — go ahead and post it.

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  1. Thanks for your honesty Deb. You've made a huge impact on the Reps program and I'm sure you will continue to do so in your role as a mentor. Best of luck with your focus moving forward.