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27 February, 2014

Actualizing Probability, Seizing Night, Feeling Alive

12:30AM last night, gotten done with the meetings & calls - almost worn off - I was about to get my dinner & call it a day (for such long of a day it was).

But what do you know!

Got summoned by my Ingress faction for a call of duty - awkwardly eccentric, insanely probabilistic, extremely difficult, and yet immensely confidential task that needs to get done exactly at 4:30 in the morning, at a place 3hrs by road.

Hence, I grabbed my gears & rushed for the pick up (with a couple of bread-slices in my pocket; because, Dinner) - and there's no looking back.

In simple words - it was a covert operation of ~16 Ingress Agents, to transport an artifact (#2) from the origin portal in Bangalore to the destination portal at Mahabaleshwar (then undisclosable) - lots on XMs were spilled in the process & to defy the Resistance's effort to... well, resist - the process... & keeping it under Enlightened-control, strategically (12hrs) & effectively (4hrs).


Not going into the internal communications, but even on the public channels - the buzz was huge. Check out the official announcement by +Ingress to recognize the successful operation & screenshots of some of the COMM messages! ;)

The grab-n-go, the rushed long-drive to not miss the small time-window, the phonecall-hangout-maps combo to figure the lost roads we've never been before, the trembling portals hacks with shivering fingers in the cold, the first chai upon opening of the chai-shop at 4, the excited nail-bitting announcements-cum-note-to-self - 9 mins to go, 8mins to go... 1mins to go... 30 secs to go, GO GO GO!!! The fanatical deployment of the resonators by all agents within less than 5 seconds of the GO, the crazy-first-sight of the transported artifact gliding on top of the extended astral-projection of the destination, screaming the fuck out of the brain to see the job done against all odds, the after-planning & strategy updates from the control-HQ, boxing & setting up cross-links to secure the mission, watching a rising sun (on the car-mirror), keep talking to the almost dodged-off driver to keep him up... it was nothing but surfing a Tsunami, man!

My life is pretty darn awesome in general, but times like these just sets the bar higher!


  1. Very well written..

    Job done well, ends well.. :)

    1. Thanks; and kudos to @BrightEagle for managing it since - goes beyond saying.