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Mozilla Festival 2013: The greatest maker-party of the world

This blog was drafted on the aircraft back home from MozFest, on 28th October, 2013. It's a shame that it's been lying in the drafts for a year now. Publishing almost as is, many intended details missing. I'm sorry! :(

To avoid it this year, I'm live blogging MozFest 2014. Cheers!

Flickr Slideshow:

0th Day

Had a tour around Westminister & Buckingham with Faye, Sayak, San James et al. Took heck load of pics, chased pigeons, saw royal processing, wandered around the green park. A morning well spent.

Next up was visiting the mozilla office; had mentors' call, debriefing about the festival. This is where the excitement begins.

1st Day

So, the maker party begins with the kick off of the science fair - some interesting pieces of work, some great inspiration. Met an 11yo guy, who's interested about stop motion animation, has his own YouTube channel & been up to it for 3 years... and that's just one example!

I shared my times in Firefox OS & Reps booth - explaining the folks about the Platform & the Program. Also, I took part in the maker party where I also attended the webmaker-booth, where I demo'ed X-Ray Goggles to @RaveGMM

2nd Day

Well, it wasn't all show & tell all the times... I did get some time to write C (variant) after a couple of years, to program a gaming-arduino. Check this out:
A video posted by Galaxy Kadiyala (@igalaxyk) on

<captain mode="obvious">This Shows M-O-Z-I-L-L-A in sequence...</captain>

Thanks Galaxy to record this bit... later, I also upgraded it to take user-inputs to move forward/backward flashing the characters. I need to buy this shit! Really cool :D

Spent some time making badges... later those badges were digitized & sent to me (yay!)

Off we go, and until next year!