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MozFest 2014: (almost) Live Blog

Oct 25, 1730: Finished co-facilitating session on Contribution Pathways. We had the entire audience broken down in 5 groups, rotating per 8 mins to each focus station (pathways, mentorship, governance, system & data, recognition). Sorry - no device policy - hence, no photos!

Oct 25, 1500: Lunch & catching up with communications. Codepo8 dropped by. Ohai! :D

Oct 25, 1045: Session on Community Diversity & Inclusion. It was great to facilitate with you, Beatrice, Rebecca, Alifiyah, Leo, Ibrahima et al.

Oct 25, 0900: At the venue, Gunner on the stage. Audience in that awesome MozFest formation.

Oct 24, 2300: Beer with the folks, and then a long walk beside Thames. We should go and sleep. BTW, great stories, Manel!

Oct 24, 2100: Reps' community dinner. I'M A CARNIVORE... AWE YEAH!!!

Oct 24, 1800: Science Fair is ON. It's my third time &I'm equally boggled just I was on my first time at MozFest. Some really cool folks with really cool ideas. Anyone who's not here, are missing it - know it or not.

Oct 24, 1600: Slides are done, check them out! WARNING: 80+MiB download - for huge images in them. I like how nice it came out to be!

Oct 24, 1300: Collaborating with Manel on creating the Mozilla Reps' presentation slides for the science fair booth. She's awesome, and she really hates copying code blocks (she types in everything all the way)... Kudos!

Briefing... shhh!

Oct 24, 1100: Bring it on Gunner (et al.)

Oct 24, 1000: At the venue, preparing for the briefing & kick-off.

Breakfast. Add poached eggs & bacons to it & you see the complete picture.

Oct 24, 0800: Waking up wasn't so difficult; 12:30 IST is a good time for me. Anyway!

Oct 23, 1830: Waiting for dinner. Trying to compensate hunger with energy drinks & beers; in alternating order. But at the edge of it. Let's hack on the schedule with Ioana till the food is ready.

Oct 23, 1700: Facilitators brifing. Gunner, rocking as always! \m/

Reps' weekly meeting... not even a fraction. :-|

Oct 23, 1600: Rep's weekly call, from MozSpace. An awesome gathering, with a lot going on.

Oct 23, 1500: Took a break, and went to walk around with Raj, Umesh & Priyanka. Ingressing, took selfies, shown Raj & Umesh around London Eye, Westminister Bridge, Big Ben, Trafalgar Square etc.

Oct 23, 1225: Time for Lunch. Was catching up with communications/emails.

Open Workspace of Mozilla UK Office... BTW, FOOOD! :D

Oct 23, 1030: Yay... Larissa, Emma et al. are already here! Let me grab a spot & open my laptop. I think I can update the blog posts, by the time Ioana gets a room for the Reps. Damn... forgot to bring the Power Adapter!

Oct 23, 1000: Heading out for Mozilla office, with Ioana, Christos, Guillermo, William R. It's a shorter walk than I had expected. Talked a lot about Mozillians and how it's shaping up now. Okay, we're here! Let me connect to Mozilla Guest.

Oct 23, 0900: Checked in at the Hotel. Managed to get the SIM working as well (there was a small gotcha with Dual SIM settings on my device). Ingress ahoy! As well as Telegram, Hangouts & Emails; they came in like wrecking balls... :-|

Oct 23, 0730: Folks had to get their Oyster cards, I had it from last time. Trains waiting at Tetrminal 4 station. Off we start for the city.

Oct 23, 0715: Met Alifiyah just after the immigration; so the team size is 5 now. Got Three SIM for data (it's one sim, from - so don't go bonkers!). What's awesome is I got it from a vending machine, with cash, no documents required. Put it in the mobile & you're good to go with all plans preset. In India, best networks take 4hours & quite some pieces of paperwork. Anyway, I'm wasting time with the SIM; something's not right. Let's head out to the Tube station downstairs.

Oct 23, 0700: Landed at Heathrow. Passed through the immigration. Immigration officer couldn't decide whether he likes or hates me showing the invitation letter from Mobile. Heathrow WiFi got awesome - no authentication, full open! Hi5 to whoever made the final call to go that way.

Well, excuse the blurriness; But at least we're all together!

Oct 23, 0130: Boarded the flight for Mumbai to Heathrow leg. Jai & Umesh beside me; Priyanka somewhere around the tail side of the flight. Will post the Airport selfies soon. We're about to take off! :D