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02 October, 2013

California, here we come... DinoCo, here we come!

So it begins...

Hundreds of Mozillians from all over the Asia has already started taking off for Santa Clara, California to attend the Mozilla Summit 2013 - the largest Summit we've ever had!

This is historic; THIS IS EPIC! Not because of the numbers, but for the enthusiasm, reach & impact it will create.


There are also two other locations where the summit will be hosted parallel to each other, with (almost) same tracks & schedules - in Brussels & Toronto. Grossly, Mozillians from Europe attending summit in Brussels, Mozillians from Latin America, Africa & Middle East and Canada attending are in Toronto, and the ones from Asia and USA will be rocking at Santa Clara.


According to the list of invitees, Mozillians coming in heavy bunch are from India, Indonesia, Phillipines, Japan, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Sri Lanka etc. which is almost proportional to the strength & activities in those respective Mozilla communities.

There are plenty of people attending summit for the first time, and many veterans are there, who've attended both the summits before. The selection of invitees was generally based upon their recent activities & impact in the community for spreading Mozilla.

Trivia: Santa Clara will be having the most number of Mozilla Reps too - only location to hit three figures on ReMo head-count (of which, almost 40 from only India... yay!).


We've never faced raging border-immigration issues with regional MozCamps - but this time, getting all Asian Mozillians to US, or LaTam, African Mozillians to Toronto is proving to be quite a bit of challenge.

However, from South Asian communities, we'll still be having more than 80% invitees as attendees; whereas the general average of getting visa approved is no about 50-60%. This includes the luck-starved Nepal community, from which only two people will be participating & only one got US visa (you folks are awesome, and we'll sure miss you).

This is all due to the incredible co-operation & support from officials who helped throughout the visa-application procedure for last couple of months! It worked great to collectively prove the purpose of visit, than letting each of the participants be on their own for that. Thank you very much US Depatment of State!


We are done packing, we're on our way, we're flaunting Mozilla T-Shirts & hogging WiFi & boarding air-crafts in the airports all around the globe, we're restless to have the time of our life, and we're landing soon!

Wait for us...

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  1. We (Nepal community) will miss u too... have fun out there :D