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10 February, 2014

About: "Co-founder of Mozilla India"

I woke up quite late today, and as usual found myself in the flood of device-notifications.

Swimming through, I couldn't help but notice that there's one recurrent theme against many of those conversations - actively, or passively; which is, me being termed as the "Co-founder of Mozilla India" in my FOSDEM talk's introduction.

Some congratulations, some giving justifications, some asking for justifications, some efforts to clarify the situations, some smug comments & inquiries etc. And I realized, the issue is not as innocent as it first appeared, and something is needed to be done to fix it.

For what it's worth, I am not the one who scripted the introduction. I've had very little to do with it. Clarista is such a nice person, it seemed rude to stop her on stage. I made a little hand gesture, "Please, let it go... I'm not that guy." but anyway, that message didn't pass through.

I've been anonymously volunteering for Mozilla since Q2, 2005. With the handle Debloper since Q2, 2009. Gave that identity a face in Q3, 2010, and by Q3, 2011, I've had to make myself public in the process of joining the Reps' program. In most of the given timeline, I've been more of a lone-wolf, than a community person, may be until this day.

There are many people from India who have been contributing to Mozilla since before me, and there probably will be people still contributing if I ever discontinue. Mozilla India isn't a formal or legal entity, and to find a distinct point of time when it actually formed - more than difficult - it's impossible.

Titles, badges, awards are not something I'm actively rooting for.

I've been in Mozilla Reps' Council, possibly one of the highest volunteer position one can earn in Mozilla, and personally never used that title except for the communications where I needed to send out messages as a Council Member.

My name is not even on the about:credits of Mozilla. One can actually ask questions against even me being just a Mozilla contributor itself, for that - let go off being anything else - and that's okay. It requires me to send an email, requesting recognition, which I can never bring myself to do. I've never even thought of drafting such email.

Sorry Clarista, but I am not the person to whom the title "Co-founder of Mozilla India" is useful. There are people who can make use of that title much better.

I am not that guy.

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  1. No matter how much you deny it, people will still take that you are. So just live with the flow dude!! Proud of you.