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13 October, 2014

Reorganizing, reprioritizing, reciprocating responsibilities

Note to self: Cut it to the chase.

I've been a quite unorganized (which is gradually increasing) for last one year - followed by me stepping down from Mozilla Reps' Council & by now, I've completely overwhelmed myself.

Being unorganized was experimentally self induced; in order to suppress my OCPD. It helped keep my traits of the disorder in check (quite successfully by now). However, it came at a cost, I need to repay.

I am swamped with things I need to do. I have 50+ actionable tabs open in 5 tab groups. I have 70+ bugs pending actions. I have 100+ direct mails to get back to (a couple of thousands on lists). I have 5+ budget requests yet to be made (10+ unresolved backlog). I have 3 blogs drafted & 10+ blogs semi drafted awaiting to be published. Skipping the enormous number of yak-shaving aside or in parallel.

...and all these backlogs are only for Mozilla. Which would be (realistically) 33.333% of _all_ the things I need to get done.

Today, I'm projecting & estimating a time line to get all the stickies to DONE list ASAP. It will be done in two phases.
  1. First phase (urgent & dire): by end of October.
  2. Second phase (urgent & vital): by end of November.
I've strategized how do I go on about it most effectively. I've identified the tasks & assigned them times (skipping them here). It took me 2hrs to get everything in order (with little more than moderate effort and ambition), so I'm quite hopeful for the execution phases.

The reorganizing, reprioritizing, reciprocating of responsibilities part grossly doesn't need external input for execution, so skipping the lower level plans. My sticky-wall is more than enough for that. There are only two things, on which I need help from you (yes, YOU).


Help me have the most effective communication with you all. Here's how:
  • I'll be available everyday from 21:00IST (15:30UTC) to 24:00IST (18:30UTC) to talk about all things Mozilla. If you need information, mentoring, my attention, input etc.
  • If you ping me up on various channels throughout the day - that's okay - keep it brief & to the point. I'll get back to you in the evening at aforementioned time.
  • Anything urgent and needs immediate response: call me up (latency 1min).
  • Anything important but not very urgent: ping me on Hangouts or Telegram (latency 20-30mins).
  • Anything informative but not time-critical: ping me on Facebook messenger (latency 3-4hrs).
  • Anything that requires a discussion & can be public: Use my scrollback room (checked once daily after 24:00IST (at zero hour, that is)).
  • If at any point I'd rather prefer an email, I'll initiate or, ask you to send one.
  • If you've sent email and adding more information on the same topic - please continue in the same thread. Do not spawn new threads for no reasons.


If I'm working with you & you're awaiting my response and/or input on something, please consider reminding me once. I'm generally going through my queue from bottom up.

Also, here's to briefly touch on the topic of priorities. I'm getting my hands off of some interest groups & refocusing some other ones. Generally speaking, I'll be delegating most of my responsibilities, split up in bundles, to the capable next in the line awesome Mozillians.

I'll not be very involved with Firefox for Desktop or Mobile. I'll be available (only on demand basis) for Firefox OS related projects, programs & evangelism planning & strategies in India. I'll be mostly involved with community building around Mozilla's experimental technologies (Rust, Servo, asm.js) & some of the upcoming cloud services.

Another blog post will follow detailing this part.

If you're seeking my help/input for something - please reconsider the previous paragraphs and figure whether it aligns with my focus; if not, I'll probably find you (or, redirect to) someone who can help you.

So, wrapping up. Tomorrow (in 6hrs, that is) there's a team outing at Red Hat - they'll know I woke up too late to catch the bus. I'll have to close all the the bugmails & at least give Nukebot a good fight the entire day tomorrow.



  1. When did you schedule time for Red Hat stuff? :D

    But seriously, good luck with this endeavour, it will be hard, but I hope you can be efficient with your time, as you explained. Now it's only left to turn the theory into practice :)